Download HP MediaSmart Webcam 4.1.2 for Windows 7 - phần mềm chụp ảnh trên laptop

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    HP MediaSmart Webcam is a management tool for HP Webcam device installed in any HP Laptop/Computer. You can take your pictures, record videos using this software. Using this tool you can easily upload your recorded videos or images to Youtube, Facebook, Flickr and others. I use this software for my Compaq Presario CQ42-270TU and it works great. This also works well on Windows 8 operating system.

    UPDATE: A new version, HP MediaSmart Webcam 4.2.3303, is available.

    Fix/Enhancement on version

    – Adds a feature where webcam captured contents are automatically imported and shown in the library of HP MediaSmart Photo and Video applications.
    – Enables users to upload recorded videos to Facebook.
    – Enables users to upload recorded photos to Flickr.
    – Enables users to create new avatars (pick hair, eyes, mouth, and gadgets to customize a new avatar).
    – Adds support for high-definition webcams.


    You can download the HP MediaSmart Webcam Software 4.1.2 for Windows 7 32/64-bit from the links below.

    Download Links:

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